Autoparts brand

From 2005, Bravex have been a trusted name as a performance fuel and ignition system provider.

With its extraordinary racing engineering capability and enthusiasm to advanced motor

sport technology.

Bravex offer a wide range of selection of performance products, including ignition coils, 

distributors, electric fuel pumps, ignition wire sets, caps, electric winches, ATV axle, 

go kart clutches.

high performane coils

In a world of constant change and continuous technological development, Bravex is

consistently developing innovative new performance products.

As a top automotive manufacturer, we have a complete range of products, more communicative and possible. Constantly developing and innovating classic products in different fiels, including tools and household products.

We prefer to call you our partner and friend, because we are committed to providing you with what you need, comfort and no-hassle. Share and Listen.