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From 2005, Bravex have been a trusted name as a performance fuel and ignition system provider. With its extraordinary racing engineering capability and enthusiasm to advanced motor sport technology.

We are looking for deal or distributor. Please reach out us at at (800) 315-9607 or bravexservice@bravexautoparts.com.

Ford Ignition Coils

Built with materials exceed OEM standard. Fit 2005-2008 Ford, Lincoln. DG511 FD508 V8 V10.

Go-Karts Torque Converter

TAV2 30 Series. Fits all engines with a 3/4 inch straight crankshaft. Made of high quality iron & aluminum. 50% Longer Lifetime. 10,000 Guaranteed Cycle Life.

Focus on fuel and ignition systems

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Customer Service

We provide professional customer service in US.Please feel free to reach out us at (800) 315-9607 or bravexservice@bravexautoparts.com.You can also chat with us online.