Heavy Duty Grease Gun 6000 PSI Professional 14.5oz Pistol Grip

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Heavy Duty Grease Gun 6000 PSI Professional 14.5oz Pistol Grip

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Product Description

The Grease gun can pump out the goods at up to 6000 PSI, making it a cinch to inject clean grease into some very tight spaces, the pistol grip actuator creates plenty of leverage for all day comfort. A rubber sleeve on the barrel provides added grip in slippery situations.


Canister is built with cold drawn steel tube provide the high durability, the low variance ID feature prevent grease leakage from happening in bulk application.

  1. O-Ring sealed high pressure piston design, prevent the grease from leaking from pump head.
  2. Non-slip rubber grip provides higher griping friction.
  3. Include 18 inch Heavy Duty Reinforced Flex Hose with Spring Guard with coupler, 5-1/2 hard metal extension tube. And the sharp type nozzle.
  4. Working pressure is up to 6000 psi.
  5. Air Bleeder Valve Quickly Eliminates Air Pockets.
  6. Rubber coated handle provides better grip and leverage.
  7. Handgun lid handle makes operation more upright and more comfortable.

Package Included

1 x Grease gun 

1 x 18" flex hose 

1 x Additional metal straight pipe


When you want to remove the nozzle from zerk fitting, it will be so hard to remove it. Please follow below steps, then you can remove the nozzle easily---

  1. Untighten the hose or nozzle a little bit(this step unload the kept pressure in the hose/nozzle)
  2. Remove the nozzle from the zerk fitting easily.

The issue is a nature of the regular greas gun and regualr nozzle, it is caused by the kept pressure in the hose/nozzle which will make the coupler clamp the zerk fitting tightly still, as long as there is no kept pressure in the hose/coupler, it will be easy for the user to remove the hose/nozzle from zerk fitting.

To avoid this situation in the long run, users can buy the manual unload couple, which will be easier for user to use this.