Accucraft Upgraded Sight Pusher Tool with Large Turning Wheel

$129.97 $159.97


Accucraft Upgraded Sight Pusher Tool with Large Turning Wheel

$129.97 $159.97
  • Description


  • [High Precision] The upgraded precision turning wheel combines an over-sized design with big three 6065 aluminum post-drive knobs to ensure that you’re able to install or remove the sight effortlessly and make micro-sight adjustments easily. And the reference marks (inch,cm) are of great help to make the adjustment more precisely.

  • [Heavy-duty Construction] This tool has an tough construction made from an anodized aluminum frame and the blocks are made from 7071 Aluminum. It gives the device its stability and has high and dependable quality.

  • [No Slippage] Four horizontal clamps and one on the top are included to keep your tools and accessories from slipping out of position while in use. Slides are easily captured and supported with this tool to prevent the deformation of such slides.

  • [Wide Usage] This pushing tool is precision machined for easy installation and removal. It is designed for professionals and beginners and can be widely used in different types of tools.


Item Dimension- 8.94 x 5.75 x 4.84 inches

Weight- 2.07 kgs

Material- Aluminum

Mounting Type - Picatinny Mount 


Step 1- Put the slide on bottom, tighten the side screws.

Step 2- Put the Top on and Adjust the vertical press(arch or flat, and height) to make the pusher at the height to work on sight.

Step 3- Tighten the screws and push the sight.